Gnome-Media 1.176.0 is released (gnome2)

Gnome-Media 1.176.0: "Don't think of it as atomic energy, think of it as
a terrible nuclear force"

Say kids, what time is it?
Yes, it's that time again. 
Have you ever wanted to play a CD in gnome, or maybe record some music 4
no musicians, or how about change the volume on your soundcard. Or maybe
all you want is to watch pretty lights bounce up and down. Then
GNOME-Media 1.176.0 is the package for you. It does all the above, and
lots[1] more[2].

Oh oh oh oh! Let us play, where is it?
Rumours have it that it may even be in somewhere, but
thems just rumours, y'all.

New beats and pieces
Well, the busy media elves have been busy and they tell me they've done
the following:

* Made having bad preferences no longer an issue. If you set an invalid
device to be your CD device, it'll ask you to fix it.
* Uses the new CDDBSlave parser to achieve perfect[3] CDDB parsing.
* I made a new theme. Well okay, the lcd-theme was cloned again, and I
tinted the images red. Look, I told you my art skills suck didn't I?

* Made a new parser to achieve parsing perfection. No longer are
Godspeed You Black Emperor! song titles cut off halfway. No more shall
gnome-cd refer to The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra and TraLaLa
Band as "ra and TraLaLa Band". Plus it looks nicer too.
* Bug fixes.
* Implemented a new interface for the clients to get data from the
parser. It's nifty.
* A properties capplet that does really funky things.

* Marc Mulachy made it all accessible and stuff.

Seth Nickell also did some other stuff. See if you can find it...

I'm wild about that thing!
Here's what it looks like to make you even wilder.

[iain discomachinegun gnome-media]$ md5sum gnome-media-1.176.0.tar.gz 
14c6db60b2b1352da2f8fbecc30fee10  gnome-media-1.176.0.tar.gz

Have a blast, lets art.

PS: How many Coldcut[5] references did you spot[6]?
[1] for varying amounts of lots[4].
[2] for varying amounts of more[4]
[3] for varying amounts of perfection[4]
[4] YMMV.
[6] I counted 11, I might be wrong.

"All men of conscience or prudence ply to windward, to maintain their
wars to be defensive." -- Roger Williams

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