Re: Sawfish building patch

On 14 Feb 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Sander Vesik <sv117949 ireland sun com> writes:
> > gnome-calculator: 19968   14224    8600    5624
> >
> That has got to be a memory leak or something. If the
> gnome_program_init() overhead is that high then we are going to be
> seeing a lot of GTK-only apps out there. ;-)

Well, *IF* there is a leak, it has to leak the amount ion the first couple
of seconds and then stop leaking. Also looking at the sizes of other
gnome2 programs running on my system, the sizes/maps are roughly similar.

It definately shouldn't come as a suprise to anybody who has been
following gnome2 in the last 6 months at all - its just isn't small and
light, and I'm not sure the present architecture isn't blameless in that

> Havoc


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