Re: Will there be user/newbie friendly printer access in Gnome 2?


On 12 Feb 2002, Damon Chaplin wrote:

> > Will there be a common way to access and configure printers in Gnome 2?

> > 1.) A control-center applet that lets one set up printers, names,
> > drivers, default paper size etc, probably plugin based to accomodate
> > different printing architecures (CUPS, lp, etc)
> > 2.)A way to access stuff that needs to be set per print job
> > (color/B&W/grayscale, resolution, ...) directly from the printing dialog
> > of the application.

> I'd like to see something get into 2.2, though. I think we should make
> CUPS the preferred method, just as KDE Print does.

Let me suggest that you look at PrinterDrake and xpp . Those tools come
with Mandrake Linux, are GPL'ed and do almost exactly what is described
in the original post.



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