libpanel-applet changes

Hey Guys,
	This is a heads up for anyone depending on libpanel-applet and
not in gnome-utils or gnome-applets.

	2 Changes:

	* in your .server file the repository id for the
	  PanelAppletShell needs to be


	  instead of


	* you need to add an extra argument to the factory macro you
	  use. This is the GType of your applet - e.g.

@@ -372,6 +372,7 @@ geyes_applet_factory (PanelApplet *apple

+                            PANEL_TYPE_APPLET,
                             "Big brother is watching you",

	  for all applets this will be PANEL_TYPE_APPLET. You only
need to different if you want to defive from PanelApplet, which wasn't
possible before this change anyhow :-)

Good Luck,

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