PACKAGES DUE: Desktop Beta

Morning all,

  Despite the unquestionable truth that Every Day is Release Day - a
  practice often unobserved in these modern times, but fraught with dire
  consequences nonetheless - some days have dawned more releasey than


  Please remember that Monday is the final due date! [1] It only gives us a
  couple of days to put together the packages, test, and make the source
  release, so early tarballs are *always* warmly accepted. Late tarballs
  will get the 'oh right, yeah, impromptu releases are really good, thanks'
  treatment. ;-)


  We also have two hard freezes this week. On Monday we have the user
  interface freeze, and on Wednesday we have the porting freeze. This means
  that, by-and-large, non-bugfixes will need to be put through the release
  team before checkin after this release. Porting of 1.x features is
  excepted until Wednesday.


  Yes, this is annoying and frustrating and shackling and fascist, but we
  have a release to get out before GUADEC. If we're still trying to release
  G2D during GUADEC, there may have to be an alcohol freeze...

  That would be BAD.


    Fascist Release Team == Happy GUADEC.
    Warm and Fluffy Release Team == Sober GUADEC.



  G2D is kicking some serious arse now. It looks beautiful, and it's working
  well. It's going to be an excellent upgrade to both the platform *and*
  user interface.

  We just have to let it out into the real world. :-)

- Jeff

[1] Due to popular demand, the release team now officially recognises
timezones outside Australian Eastern Standard Time. Well, it wasn't so much
demand as wailing and gnashing of teeth. You get the picture.

   "The Motif interface, with chunkier controls, felt more like a ghetto    
                           blaster." - Liam Quin                            

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