Re: gnome-multi-term

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com> writes:
> > Marc has done some really great work in making libzvt accessible,
> > it was no small task... so we need to ensure that whatever we call
> > gnome-terminal uses libzvt sanely and that the rest of the terminal
> > (menus, both drop-down and popup, font selector, etc.) are fully
> > accessible.  At this date the best way to do this is to use
> > stock GTK+ widgets for all,
> I don't know of any non-GTK menu widgets even available, so we should
> be OK there.
> AFAIK there are not accessibility implications to the terminal choice
> here, unless someone has already done accessibility work on g-t. If
> they have I didn't notice it in CVS.

I think the work to date has been mostly assessment and R&D, so 
we probably caught this in time.

Thanks for keeping the accessibility implications in mind :-)


> Havoc

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