Re: Deprecated calls in libzvt

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 06:50:59PM -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:
> The basic problem is that handling of complex situations
> (bidirectional text, ligatures, etc.) is quite different for text in
> terminals and continuously flowed text. You can only do an
> approximation of the right thing in a terminal. This is true not only
> at the PangoLayout level, but at the level of language specific
> handling.
> The Motif complex-text handling only ever did this approximation in
> any situation, so it was possible to use the same handling for Motif
> entry widgets and for dtterm; however, Pango is really meant only for
> continuous text layout. To make it possible to use Pango in a terminal
> you'd have to extend the PangoEngineShape vtable to not only have
> script_shape() but also to have some sort of terminal_shape() method.

If the functions need to be added anyway, isn't adding the terminal_shape
to pango easier than adding to libzvt? The layout engine for terminal 
can make use many of pango's services. 

Beside, if an application need to use some terminal like displaying, 
it can switch to terminal_shape without load libzvt.

Best regard

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