Re: Setting font in gnome 2

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Calum Benson wrote:

> Alex Larsson wrote:
> > Can't you fix that by shipping a correct /etc/pango/pangox.aliases for
> > Solaris?
> Hmm, which part of that file should I need to edit to change the fonts
> that appear on the panel?  I seem to get the same old crappy Linotype
> Helvetica regardless of any judicious editing I do... even if I remove
> *all* references to helvetica fonts from pangox.aliases!  
> (Surely the panel doesn't hard code its fonts or something crappy like
> that, does it...?)

I don't think the panel changes the font at all, and unless it does it 
should pick the font that your .gtkrc-2.0 specifies. If you didn't change 
any fonts in the gtkrc you should get "Sans 12" i think. Which is 
translated to X fonts according to the "sans normal normal normal normal" 
rule in pangox.aliases.

If you are using core X fonts, have no .gtkrc-2.0, and removed all the 
helvetica references in pangox.aliases and you still get the helvetiva 
font then something strange is going on. Maybe you have some font alias in 
the X configuration or something?

/ Alex

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