Re: Deprecated glib functions.

Shivram U wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone decided to remove the deprecated glib functions from the  ORBit2
> and the libIDL libraries.
> The following functions are deprecated by glib and are in use in ORBit2.
> g_string_sprintf
> g_string_sprintfa
> g_main_iteration

g_main_iteration is frequently used in gtk+, and it's used in
bonobo-activation, and in at-spi.  It's news to me that it's
deprecated.  What is the replacement?

If there is no replacement which can accomplish the same thing I do not
believe this function should be deprecated.


> The following glib deprecated functions are used by libIDL.
> g_strcasecmp
> g_string_sprintf
> I have a patch to use the glib replacements for the above  functions, and i
> am now able to compile with the G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED  flag enabled.
> with regards,
> Shivram
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