Gnome-Media 1.112.0 released

Gnome-Media 1.112.0: "The IMF taking care of buisness"

This release of the ever wonderful and amazing gnome-media is dedicated
to all the people currently in NYC protesting the WEF. For more
information take a look at or

What's that got to do with GNOME?
Nothing, I just wanted to point it out. I don't know why, I felt I

New stuff:
Not much, from the last release, but there's now a theme format so other
themes can be distributed and made without too much hacking of the
source. And there's also preferences and a few bug fixes and
improvements of that ilk.

What can you do?
Draw, darn it. We're still stuck with my feeble attempts to draw (see
last ish).

Where is it?

How do I know blah blah blah:
[iain discomachinegun cvs]$ md5sum gnome-media-1.112.0.tar.gz 
de86b018d8fb176d8be9e5cf142b5489  gnome-media-1.112.0.tar.gz

Why the weird version number if so little has changed?
I held ctrl-a down in vim and closed my eyes, 112 was where it stopped.

I am.

"All men of conscience or prudence ply to windward, to maintain their
wars to be defensive." -- Roger Williams

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