Re: GNOME personas

> Hi Rodney,
> The point I was trying to make was that this is how I proposed GNOME handle
> the style guide issue back in 1998.  Havoc Pennington and the other
> meatheads on the list at that time threw a fit over it, claiming that the
> style guide should be formed by a friggin 50,000 person committee instead of
> airing the ideas infront of a small control group that represented the user
> public.

If we all signed some waiver that explained how you invented every bright 
desktop idea ever thought of since 1995, would THAT make you stop posting 
shit like this ?

It'd give me a sense of future, imagining how my kids will yell at me
"Dad, I don't wanna hear your stupid Bowie J. Poag story again !!!" when I 
try to explain to them how we came to have the goodness of a GNOME 10.2 

I think all of us already KNOW you have an ego the size 
of Africa, so there's no need to keep making that obvious.



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