Re: applications that start in the upper right

On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 23:50, Michael Thomas Vanderford wrote:
> Would it make more sense for applications to start
> in the upper right corner of the desktop?
> Icons by default are on the left side.
> It seems there is always a need to move the app to the right.

I would like to make a couple of comments to think about with this.

If you have a multi-head desktop, having things start in the upper right
hand side of the desktop is really painful. I have a 4 monitor Xinerama
desktop and while granted this probably isn't as common of a setup as
others, I don't believe blindly putting apps in the top right hand
corner is the best plan at all. Having applications start centered would
be by far better IMO ( if the application hasn't been started once
before and the dimensions and/or placement isn't remembered).

Additionally a pet peeve of mine is applications that make assumptions
about their starting size based on desktop size. A good ( bad ) example
of this is Gnumeric, whom on startup used like 80% of my desktop width.
Now this would really be a problem on a single head system, however when
it is a big wide desktop it becomes a lot more painful. I have pointed
this out to Gnumeric developers in the past, and they like this
behavior. I don't think its a good behavior to have for many
applications though.

Just food for thought.



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