Re: ALSA mixer

<quote who="Frank Worsley">

> > Hrm, nothing in GNOME 2.0.x supports GStreamer. In GNOME 2.1.x, the
> > sound recorder, CD player and nautilus-media use it, but that's it.
> Didn't someone also port the sound stuff in libgnome (or some other lib)
> to gstreamer? I remember reading a message about that a long time ago.

Yes, that was Jorn. It's a bit before time to bring GStreamer in at the
developer platform level, though. Perhaps if someone wants to give it some
dlopen() loving, we can have everything going via GStreamer, without relying
on it in the devel platform.

Hard to know what that will win us, though. For bleepy-bleeps, most people
without cool audio hardware will still be using esd anyway, so it will just
be another level of indirection (with nice config stuff though, which is

Always cool stuff ahead. ;-)

- Jeff

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