Re: parallel installation issues for gstreamer

On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 16:13, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 03:15:38PM +0100, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:
> > My idea here is that if the schema files are versioned we are in the
> > clear and there is no need to version the gconf paths themselves. As
> > long as we just add new keys and not change the name of old keys, newer
> > schemas should be backwards compatible. And AFAIK gconf do not complain
> > if more than one schema file attempts to set a particular path.
> > 
> The only problem is that it's essentially random which one will get
> installed last and thus "win"
Yeah, but if an old version 'win' it still will not remove the extra
key/path added by the newer version right?
Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org>

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