Re: Sharing GConf keys

<quote who="Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller">

> I figure that GConf allows for different schema files to set the same
> gconf path (correct?) so I guess one solution is have all the apps that
> need 'key x' set it. This solution feels a little dirty.
> Another solution is to have some low level library, maybe even gconf
> itself, add a set of commonly used gconf keys which all apps could then
> use cause they can be sure that they are there.
> The third option is saying that if you have GNOME 2.2 installed, you
> will have GStreamer installed, so there is no problem adding a GStreamer
> dependency in the form of using a gstreamer set GConf key also for apps
> not using GStreamer. (Same argument would go for other similar
> packages/keys in other parts of the desktop).
> Opinions?

Option 2, libgnome?

- Jeff

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