Re: CD burning in gnome

On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 17:17, Bob Smith wrote:
> Only way I can see to make sure the file to burn is the exact one you told
> it is to make a copy of it until its actually burned. Unless you can
> somehow figure out when a file is about to be modified and make a copy of
> it right before its changed. I dont know if notification is that good.

Ya, I'm fairly sure the notification only works *after* modification is
made (otherwise an app could say, "Notify me *before* you modify
/some/important/file/that/must/change/a/lot" and then "lock" access to
the file (it gets notified, says "wait for me to backup!" and just sits
there laughing evilly).

For deletion, making a hard-link (if on the same device) would reduce
the need to copy the whole file if it's never going to get modified,
while ensuring a copy is kept if the file is deleted.

Normal copy would also have to work, tho - what happens if I have on
cd-rw drive, stick in a CD and tell it to "backup/burn" several files on
teh CD, eject, put in a blank CD-R, etc. - a copy needs to be on the
local machine one way or another.  I'd say the best is a
~/.gnome2/burn-cache or something, with hard-links or copies of files in

I think this really all should be done *after* we have a decent app to
actually do the burning - might be a bit useful... ~,^

> Bob
> On 6 Dec 2002, Pier Luigi Fiorini wrote:
> > Il ven, 2002-12-06 alle 21:50, Bob Smith ha scritto:
> > [snip]
> > > User tells the burner to burn file X. He thinks its backed up, then
> > > deletes it, then the burner doesnt burn it. HE JUST LOST HIS BACKUP! :)
> > Yeah. It's what I meant.
> > Unfortunately I haven't a MacOS X copy nor a PPC machine :(( so I can't
> > see how Mac do it.
> >
> > Anyway Nautilus should store some where the list of files which are
> > shown in the cd-r view.
> > With FAM (as James said) Nautilus will monitor the files in the list and
> > prevent the user to delete his data. The user can at this point confirm
> > deletion or burning.
> >
> > I doubt this approach will works good, as you have thought Nautilus
> > should burn the first version of the file(s).
> > How it can store that version?
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