Re: patch for the "About GNOME" dialog box

A little notice from little me:
If it weren't for me being a bit used to Linux and Gnome i think it is
pretty hard to even find the "about gnome" dialog.
I run Redhat 8.0 and gnome. In my desktop i have to rightclick on the
panel and choose about gnome there.
It may be that the default panel that redhat shipped had an about gnome
dialog in the menu or something, but my menupanel which i added manually
does not.
Rightclick on the panel is not the first thing i think of when i want to
know about the desktop i am running.
In the redhat program menu i have a help program which explains gnome
and a lot of other things, so there is no lack of help. Its just that
the about dialog for gnome is a bit hidden.

Having a discussion about the about dialog is one thing, but if i am not
blind and missing something, then there may be that you people should
make the dialog not so hidden if you want ordinary people to see it so
they can mumble about not understanding what official GNU Desktop means.
I mean, why does an animal have an official desktop? And where is the
rest of the farm? Come on, i want the official Elefant desktop!  :)

Not that it matters to me, just thought some one might want to have this
opinion, if not, then you should not have read this mail should you?
Me my self thinks that one about dialog in the program menu on the panel
would be nice right next to the help program.

Have a nice day all of you! You make my desktop run perfectly!

Kent Nyberg <blurk telia com>

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