Re: patch for the "About GNOME" dialog box

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 13:17, Luis Villa wrote:

> Strongly agreed. If we're in the business of revamping the about box, we
> need to consider GNOME's current needs wrt informing and educating
> people who are looking to find out more information about GNOME. I have
> no objection to pitching GNU that way, but it shouldn't be our highest
> priority, and certainly not more important than our own news or
> developer sites.

How about just having a 4th link after the other 3 that just says GNU
(or Free Software Foundation, which IMO is more understandable than GNU)

This would probably drag the dialog box out too far, so if we still want
the full "The Official GNU Desktop Environment" it could go onto the
next line after our links and have the whole thing a link to the GNU
pages, instead of only the "GNU". Also can we lose the bold on the GNU
as well? It looks tacky.

"Laws are like cobwebs; strong enough to detain only the weak, and too
weak to hold the strong" - Anacharsis

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