Panel event filter crash #97487

If someone wants some debugging glory, a good one
to tackle would be:

The brief summary is that the GDK event filter lists are
getting corrupted in the panel, somehow.

It could be:

 - Random memory corruption problems elsewhere in the

 - The panel (or libwnck) doing something nasty like
   destroying a window with filters out of the filter
   for that window.

 - Some more subtle reentrancy bug in GDK.

In the last case, it could even theoretically be the
same as the pestistantly unfixed GNOME-1.4 desk-guide

It would be nice to get this one tracked down before
we ship GTK+-2.2.0 to make sure that it isnt' a GTK+

Probably the right first steps in debugging the problem
would be:

 A) Figure out a way of reproducing the problem

 B) Instrument all the GDK portions that handle filters
    (add/remove/destroy window)

Alternatively, just staring at all the code in the
panel and libwnck that deals with event filters might
be productive.


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