Re: patch for the "About GNOME" dialog box

> On Tue, 2002-12-03 at 10:32, Pat Costello wrote:
> > ...but I thought that everyone believed that "Desktop" means "the surface 
> > the icons and panels"? If that is the case then a statement such as GNOME - 
> > Official GNU Desktop is limited in meaning, if not confusing. 
> > 
> > Pat 
> > 
> Here's an idea. Lets keep the current doc team definition of the Desktop
> as is (ie. The collection of all apps that make the desktop environment)
> and use the term Workspace to describe "the surface behind the icons and
> panels." This is even already somewhat consistent as in the "workspace"
> switcher, the user can create new "workspaces." What do you think?
> dave

Well I'd cheer for that suggestion 'cos it means I don't have to cudgel my 
brains and come up with a whole new system of definitions. Except for the 
following nagging doubts: 

- If, as many tell me is the case, there is general wide-spread acceptance 
throughout the user-world of "desktop" as the back surface, then we are not 
helping matters by assigning a different term to this concept. 

- The Nautilus team use "desktop" to mean the back surface, and are sticking to 
that definition, with true nautical conviction. 

- If we stick with the current definition of the desktop means everything, then 
the back surface logically becomes the desktop background, and there is no need 
to create a new term. 

- Workspace also has a larger concept than just the back surface. When you 
create a new workspace, you get more than just a new back surface. 


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