Re: [Usability]Re: UI Review Summary - week 2

Hey there,

> That's a good idea imho. I did try doing an independant UI review for
> file roller and posting it to the list, but nothing much came of it.
> Well, that's nice, but what we have this week is File Roller, and it
> needed an UI review. It wasn't very encouraging.

Yeah, sorry about that - I think the best plan would be to start putting
the suggestions in bugzilla as soon as possible [assuming that
file-roller now has a bugzilla component?]. Unfortunately I don't have
much of a say when it comes to usability, since I'm grossly unqualified
- it may be best adding usability-maint bugzilla gnome org to the cc
list in the bugzilla bug and also the documentation equivalent.

> I can't help but think that the current system doesn't scale terribly
> well. Shouldn't it be up to the software authors themselves to read the
> HIG and make their software compliant? Why does it have to be a group of
> people in IRC who do it?

Yes, unfortunately it is very much reliant on the time and effort of the
reviewers - in order for this to work, we really need a sane group of
people who have good knowledge of the HIG and documentation style guide.
This doesn't come easily. I think we need to rethink how we do this
stuff in the future - maybe we need to start thinking about having UI
reviews on a more regular basis...maybe we need to start thinking about
2.4 now? 

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