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El dom, 18-08-2002 a las 22:13, Daniel Borgmann escribió:
> Hello,


> are there any plans to improve user managment?
> I think this is a big problem currently of GNOME. Unix user managment
> works great on the console, but there doesn't seem to be a convenient
> replacement for "su" on the desktop. This has a critical effect, as it
> forces home users either to rely on the terminal for certain tasks
> (don't tell me that a user never ever has to touch anything but his
> $HOME) or run as root all the time (or relogin as root for every single
> task). And as it is always suggested _not_ to use the root account in X,
> this is a problem.
> I asked someone to explain me how Apple solved it in OS X as I figured
> they would face the same problem. He told me that users can be
> "administrators" and the first user is an administrator by default.
> However, administrators still can't hose the filesystem, so it's not the
> "root" account. But they can do things on the GUI like installing
> software or changing the root and other user's passwords. Whenever they
> try to change systemfiles (in finder most probably), they are asked for
> this root password. And of course they can do sudo on the console (or su
> but this seems to be disabled by default). 

MacOSX uses sudo for all tasks. They have a frontend to ask for your
password as does the sudo command.

> Is there a chance that we see something like this in the near future in
> GNOME? I see a lot of people complaining that one of the problems of
> GNU/Linux on the desktop still is, that you can't do everything from the
> GUI. This might not be important for total beginners or companies (as
> they have administrators for this task), but for the typical desktop
> poweruser it certainly is.

The "problem" is that this change should be done at the distribution
level, not at GNOME level.


> - Daniel
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