Re: .desktop -> bugzilla

"It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me.
It is only when I think of Thee."


We are not going back to debbugs with one iota of cooperation from
me.  I'll bite, kick, and scream all the way.

Debbugs might have improved since whatever version we were using,
but it was a major task just keeping it running.

Accidentally sent an unencoded core file?  Bang!  No more
until Morten had time to find and fix.

Link 200 duplicates of a bug?  Bang!  40M disk space gone; 40 MB
email generated. down until Morten had time to fix.

Close all rp3 -- RedHat ppp dialer -- bugs?  How?  One by one, no
less.  Try not to use 1GB in the process...

Lots of debbugs activity was O(n^2) or worse in time and disk space.
Which?  Trial and error.  Did you ever try "ls -l" in a directory
with 80000 files in it, trying to find a large file?

I had root access to the bug and several brute-force perl scripts
to search the database -- only I could do that -- and I still couldn't
keep us with the junk coming in.  ("junk" == "unhelpful stuff".)
It was way too easy to file such junk -- some of it possibly well

Then of course the box was in .mx and was too small, flakey, and too
easy to hack.  The choice came between not running at all and deleting
old bug reports.  I think Owen took out a contract on me for that,
but the old ones got deleted.


"It's not the leaving of `Liberal' that grieves me.
It's the joining of the Ess Pee Dee."



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