Re: Gnome 2.0: gnome-config and GConf and command-line

Others have attended to most of the issues in this post; I will just add
one thing:

On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 10:23:12PM -0700, Patrick wrote:
> Now to the question: how permanent are the gnome-config libraries for
> managing configuration files? Since I have been unable to find 2.0 API
> documentation, I've been looking through 1.2/1.4 on
> The "50% done" comment on the following link:
> doesn't give me much confidence. Was this in fact finished and is it
> available in 2.0 and will it continue to be supported for 2.2...?

The 2.0 API documentation should be shipped as part of your
distribution's binaries for libgnome. Alternatively, they are built by
default if you are building from source and installed under
$(prefix)/share/gtk-doc/html/libgnome/. At the time of the 2.0 release,
the public API of libgnome was fully documented.

With regards to the "50% done" comment, the 2.0 documentation has just
been fleshed out a bit and the missing pieces included. I think that
comment (in 1.x) was actually an understatement of the amount of work
that had been done.


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