Re: Display option in multiscreen

JeyaSudha <jeyasudha duraipandy wipro com> writes:
> If i have  two screens, to start applications  (say xtern
> gnome-terminal)
> in  the second scren, i have to give the option display in the command
> prompt.
> For xterm it is
>     #xterm  -display :0.1
> For gnome-terminal it is
>     #gnome-terminal --display :0.1
> For X applications, it is -display and for gnome applications it is
> --display option.  In  multiscreen, gnome session does not
> save the applications in the second screen, unless i have
> started the application with the -display or --display option
> How to make the program  to find  whether to add -display or
> --display option to start them ?
> Is there any other way to store the applications in the second screen
> by the gnome-session ?

Why don't we have gnome-client set the DISPLAY environment variable
for applications?

The problem is that you might expect to be able to use a session with
a different monitor setup, say if you log onto a different
computer. So I'm not sure it's right to record this information in the
session. Seems like sort of a mess.


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