[Deskbar] Tracker handler updated (better hit descriptions)

Thanks to my Barracuda adventures deskbar will now also have more spiffy Tracker results!

Hits are now displayed like:

in folder <i>Documents</i>

if the file path is /home/myname/Documents/MyFile.txt, or just

in home folder

if the file is directly in ~/

As usual, drop it in ~/.gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers, and install tracker-0.0.4 (or 0.0.3 if you are old fashion) and indulge in live search sweetness!

import gnome

import deskbar
from deskbar.Handler import SignallingHandler
from deskbar.Match import Match
import gobject
from gettext import gettext as _

from os.path import expanduser
HOME = expanduser ("~/")

def _check_requirements ():
		import dbus
		try :
			if getattr(dbus, 'version', (0,0,0)) >= (0,41,0):
				import dbus.glib
			return (deskbar.Handler.HANDLER_IS_NOT_APPLICABLE, "Python dbus.glib bindings not found.", None)
		return (deskbar.Handler.HANDLER_IS_HAPPY, None, None)
		return (deskbar.Handler.HANDLER_IS_NOT_APPLICABLE, "Python dbus bindings not found.", None)
	"TrackerFileSearchHandler" : {
		"name": "Search for files using Tracker",
		"description": _("Search all of your documents (using Tracker), as you type"),
		"requirements" : _check_requirements,

class TrackerFileMatch (Match):
	def __init__(self, handler, **args):
		Match.__init__ (self, handler, **args)
			self._icon = deskbar.Utils.load_icon_for_file(self.name)
		except Exception:
		self.tracker_id = self.name
		self.name = self.calc_display_string ()
	def get_verb(self):
		return "%(name)s"
	def action(self, text=None):
		print "Opening Tracker hit:", self.name
		gnome.url_show ("file://" + self.tracker_id)
		#args = ["gnome-open", str(self.name)] # FIXME for some odd reason we need the str() cast
		#gobject.spawn_async(args, flags=gobject.SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH)
	def get_category (self):
		return "files"

	def calc_display_string (self):
		dirname = self.name
		filename = ""
		# Don't include the /home/myuser part of the path
		if dirname.startswith (HOME):
			dirname = dirname [len(HOME):]
			filename = dirname
		last_dir_idx = filename.rfind("/")
		if  last_dir_idx == -1:
			# There are no "/"s left in the path string,
			# this must be a file directly in the home folder
			return "<b>" + filename +"</b>\nin home folder"
		filename = filename[last_dir_idx+1:]
		dirname = dirname[:last_dir_idx]
		return "<b>%s</b>\nin folder <i>%s</i>" % (filename,dirname)

class TrackerFileSearchHandler(SignallingHandler):
	def __init__(self):
		SignallingHandler.__init__(self, "stock_file")
		import dbus
		# We have to do this or it won't work
		if getattr(dbus, 'version', (0,0,0)) >= (0,41,0):
			import dbus.glib

		# Set up dbus conenction to trackerd
		self.bus = dbus.SessionBus()
		self.proxy_obj = self.bus.get_object('org.freedesktop.Tracker', '/org/freedesktop/tracker')
		self.tracker_iface = dbus.Interface(self.proxy_obj, 'org.freedesktop.Tracker')
		self.set_delay (500)
	def query (self, qstring, max):		
		self.tracker_iface.SearchMetadataText ("Files", qstring, 100, False, reply_handler=lambda hits : self.__recieve_hits(qstring, hits, max), error_handler=self.__recieve_error)
		print "Tracker query:", qstring

	def __recieve_hits (self, qstring, hits, max):
		matches = []
		for filename in hits:
			matches.append( TrackerFileMatch(self, name=filename) )
			#if len (matches) > max:
			#	break
		self.emit_query_ready(qstring, matches)
		print "Tracker response for %s, - %s hits returned, %s shown" % (qstring, len(hits), len(matches))
	def __recieve_error (self, error):
		print "*** Tracker dbus error:", error
	def stop_query(self):

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