Re: [Deskbar] Cuemiac refactoring progress...


I've put a  a Bazaar-NG (also known as bzr) repo online at If you have bzr installed, you can get it with

bzr get

You can see a (probably senseless to most people) changelog by issuing "bzr log --forward"

The work is based on a fairly recent cvs snapshot, so i hope we should have minimal problems merging it when it is ready.

What is the new stuff?
From the user perspective - hopefully nothing at all. From the dev perspective, there are now two classes for interacting with the cuemiac.

CuemiacUIManager - Instantiates and manages most things, sets up signals and everything your heart desires.

CuemiacLayoutProvider - Abstract class responsible laying out and handling focus for the widgets managed by the ui manager.

Basically all a DeskbarUI needs to do is to subclass or implement a CuemiacLayoutProvider and then tell a ui manager to use it. The idea behind this is to completely separate ui layout/focus logic from the inner workings of the cuemiac.

There is also a CuemiacEntry class that encapsulates the iconentry.IconEntry, and exposes it as a gtk.Entry in most ways (except that it has an api to interact with the icon too).

The work is not ready to merged yet, I'll polish it up and complete the documentation over the next few days. I will ping you guys when there is new interesting stuff available.

2006/5/19, Raphael Slinckx <raphael slinckx net>:
In a couple of days i'll be done with school work for a while, time to
implement/review the great stuff we hope to produce for 2.16 (sepb:
*hint* ;))

Yay! Sweet times ahead!


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