Re: [Deskbar] Evolution addressbook full search

On Sat, 2006-03-04 at 01:19 +0100, Raphael Slinckx wrote:
> The current e-d-s bindings are a bit hand-made, Nigel did you try to
> generate proper bindings for EContacts, and libedataserver ?

No, I didn't.  Laziness on my behalf, and I wasn't really sure what I
was doing.

> If it didn't work, iirc we had crashing problems when doing async e-d-s
> queries, was that bug identified, or did we decide to just ignore it and
> use sync queries ?

That bug wasn't identified - I messed around for a few hours with this
multi-threaded beast, but didn't get anywhere.  So we (meaning, I) went
with sync.

> In any case, my vote is to try to provide async queries, allowing in
> turn to do full search with no slowdown, provide good ldap experience,
> and allow to present more infos without insane bindings like
> contact-looku-applet does.

Yes, this would all be good.  :)

> If someone can take a look before the final 2.14 release maybe the async
> query can get in the core, and the full searching too, allowing oin turn
> to write an unofficial extension to be written for presenting the info.
> Or maybe it isn't safe at this point in time and we should provide that
> for 2.16

Speaking with my fun-police hat on, there is far too little time to test
a bugfix for a known crasher before hard code freeze.  2.16 it is.


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