Re: [Deskbar] Cuemiac popup using focus-out-event is broken with sloppy focus

I'll look into this. Sorry for being a bit absent lately - I'll
hopefully have more time again pretty soonish.


On Sat, 2006-03-04 at 01:27 +0100, Raphael Slinckx wrote:
> Hi !
> According to a recent bug, the popup we use is broken when you use
> sloppy pointer focus. An effet of this problem is also that we can't use
> selection-on-hover for cuemiac and history widget properly without
> running into problems.
> The *right* way to handle the situation, like the volume applet
> dropdown, or date applet calendar dropdown, or simple Gtk Menus, is the
> use the 'X grabbing' thing.
> That means no one else can receive keyboard and mouse actions other than
> the widget designed for grabbing pointer/keyboard. Clicks and strokes
> made outside the widget are redirected as button-press-event's on the
> grabbing widget allowing to popdown when a click is made outside the
> widget, just like regular menu behave.
> This is the behavior we want, and playing like we do, with
> focus-out-event is a hack.
> That said, i tried to understand volume applet dropdown grabbing code
> which is fairly straughtforward, and i attach the patch i made up.
> Unfortunately it appears to work only randomly, for unknown reasons.
> Right now it correctly grabs mouse and keyboard, which means once the
> popup is displayed and focused, the ony thing you can do is hitting
> escape.
> Outside clicks to dismiss the popup are somehow not working, or working
> only in some cases..
> As i do not fully understand the focus trickery we use to get the
> correct feel of deskbar, and the implications of it, i turn my eye over
> Mikkel, so maybe he can try this at home, and understand what's going
> on..
> I think we should really have this nice and clean behavior in 2.14
> release, so we need to get it in good shape..
> Raf
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