[Deskbar] Pushing handler updates from a central repo

There was a bit of discussion about having a central handler repository from where updated handlers could be pushed (in repsonse to gmail api changes and such).

Before anyone proceed with any code on this I think we ought to have a good discussion about this, since I see several issues...

* Should distros be allowed to overwrite the repo url, to provide? Should they be encouraged/discouraged to do so?

* Each version of deskbar should have a unique repo (to avoid api mess)

* Are updates stored in ~/.gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers or in $PREFIX/lib/deskbar-applet/handlers (for prefix typically being /usr). Storing updates in home folders can become a pain for us and sysadmins alike. Requiring root privs seems like a bad idea on the other hand.

* Should updates be automatic in the background or manual? I hope manual, since we don't want even slower sartup times.

* Security? Do we need to start signing handlers..? Maybe not - I'm kinda groggy atm...

Well, those where just from the top of my head - please don't yell "stop energy" - I really think it's a cool feature; I would just hate to botch it.


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