[Deskbar] Deskbar 2.14.1 Released

Hello deskbar lovers.

Here's the "Bug Fixin's all about Attitude" stable release.  Those of
you who are unstable will look forward to the upcoming 2.15
development version.

Many thanks to Raphael for patch wrangling.

Get it better late than never at

deskbar-applet 2.14.1

	* History order was reversed each time the applet was removed/added
to a top panel. Fix that (bug #337782).
	* Fixes typo in the if statement preventing duplicate detection to
work properly
	* Repair the no-history not appearing when history.pickle was not present
	* Add transparency to Cuemiac mode Patch by Joachim Breitner
<mail joachim-breitner de>
	* Fix the history order, and update order when switching form bottom
to top panel
	* Implement a is_valid method to ask a match if it's still valid, to
evaluate if it should be stored in history
	* Follow symlinks to detect the browser
	* Fix error if last_visible_path iter is None
	* Fix duplication of items in deskbar history list
	* Use the history icon when displaying history items and bookmark
when displaying bookmarks
	* Don't throw errors if an unknown beagle type is encountered
	* Pass the preferences dialog to the "more" callback to allow info
dialogs to be transient
	* Correctly use imlogviewer passing client name to it
	* Fix bug #335367. Activate the bottom hit of the view when the
cuem/entr-iac is at a bottom panel.
	* Fix bug #335446 where deskbar crashes when the user hits up/down
immediately after entering some text.
	* Implement mozilla/firefox history search, only the url, since
history format is braindead. Patch by Flavio Gargiulo
<flagar gmail com>
	* Fixes the proxy detection code for google-live. Patch by Sebastian
Dröge <mail slomosnail de>
	* Fix entry in button mode placement for vertical panels Patch by
Joachim Breitner <joachim breitner de> Fixes bug #334492

Contributors to this release: Raphael Slinckx, Pema Geyleg, Mikkel
Kamstrup Erlandsen, Yair Hershkovitz, Rhys Jones

	* Added Dzongkha translation.
	* Added Hebrew translation.
	* Added Welsh translation.
	* Updated Czech translation.
	* Updated Finnish translation.
	* Updated Georgian translation.
	* Updated Greek translation.

Contributors to the translations: Vladimer Sichinava, Miloslav Trmac,
Pema Geyleg, Priit Laes, Ilkka Tuohela, Nikos Charonitakis, Yair
Hershkovitz, Rhys Jones

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