[Deskbar] cuemiac mockup

Here's a mockup for the cuemiac widget. For the uninitiated cuemiac is
an acronym for CoolUberEnhancedMatrixImmersiveAlignedCairoWidget.

It also hints how I think basic functionality should be. Hits will be
represented in categories (regardless from which backend they come
from). For each category the top priority two/three hits a listed
directly and any more hits go in a "more *s (num_hits)" expander.

The good thing about this layout is that it's possible without too much
custom widget building. Basically we only need a custon cellrenderer for
the underlined category titles.

Now cuemiac has Cairo in it's name and I also thought on doing a Cairo
based widget. The catch here's is that this will prolly be overkill...
If we use the TreeView and TreeStore in smart ways we can achieve quite
cool effects using just those (if we really want, we use cairo to write


PS: I also attached an svg version for easy manipulation

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