Re: [Deskbar] Unavailable handlers in prefs?

> I don't know exactly how to do this without taking up to much screen
> real estate or clutter the prefs dialog. We could use two tabs
> "Available Handlers" and "Unavailable Handlers" or something like that.
> We could also use an expander but it doesn't fit that good in the
> current layout.
> Then there's an external dialog (activated by a button in prefs)...
> Any other ideas? What do you guys say? - I got a feeling that this idea
> is not going to be popular :D - Maybe my GUI intuition got screwed by
> too much debugging...
> Cheers
> Mikkel (aka "The deskbar-applet-list Spammer")

Hmm how about showing all handlers?
the ones who dont want to load could be shown diferently (a change in
color?) and if i try to activate one, a pop up would open with a
textview containing the console messages?
or is it too much work to intercept these?

... just an idea... i just woke up, so maybe not the best time to
think about interfaces :P

João Inácio
jcinacio gmail com

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