Re: [Deskbar] Google Live handler!

Please use this tarball instead. It contains a small fix in


On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 10:59 +0200, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
> I've created a patch to the AsyncHandler to allow timeouts in
> check_query_changed(). Basically you pass it timeout=num_secs
> and it won't return before the query has been unchanged for num_secs.
> This is to ensure that we don't start async queries all over the place
> for heavy duty queries or just slow ones (as the one I present to you
> now).
> It applies against clean cvs.
> Google Live!
> ============
> Attached is also a tarball containing (to be extracted in top src dir):
> 	- deskbar/handlers/
> 	- deskbar/handlers/GoogleLiveHelp.txt
> 	- data/art/google.png
> Basically it does google queries on the fly while you are typing. You
> will need a Google account, API key, and WSDL file. Everything is
> described in GoogleLiveHelp.txt. It depends on SOAPpy for soaping (it's
> installed by default in Ubuntu Breezy).
> The Google Live handler depends on the submitted patch.
> Caveat: I think this handler underlines the power of the AsyncHandler
> class. The Google Live handler is exactly 100 lines of simple documented
> code. If you look at the terminal output you will see that it is
> actually behaving quite nice with respect to thread creation and
> Google-querying.
> Cheers
> Mikkel
> PS: I'll look into a Live Beagle handler next. Since we don't have
> libbeagle bindings yet I'll just parse the output of 'beagle-query
> --verbose'. This is a hack I know - it will just be a
> temporary-proof-of-concept-show-off handler :) Why? Because I can! :-D
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