Re: [Deskbar] latest cvs

On Sun, 2005-10-16 at 20:47 +0200, Raphael Slinckx wrote:
> Nigel, removing the threads fixed automagically the global hotkey
> binding.

Yeah... I looked at that yesterday, but by the time I figured that out, was down (in fact, I think * was down).  I
think what was happening was that the keybinding event (being an X
thing, not a GTK thing) was not in the right glib thread, and thus the
callback either crashed or if you tried to enter the gdk thread,
deadlocked (for some reason I had yet to nail down).  I putzed around
with g_idle callbacks for a bit but didn't get to a solution.  There's a
Python "Global Interpreter Lock" that also may or may not have mattered.
My head spun after reading about all this threading stuff.  But, if we
don't need 'em, then that's a lot easier.  :)

BTW, I don't think that contact-lookup-applet uses threads, and (from my
skimming of it) it does async population of an entry completion from
evolution-data-server callbacks.  Might be worth checking out (from CVS,
haha :).


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