[Deskbar] New Volume Handler

A shiny new volume handler for you testing desires. It doesn't depend on
any new fancy stuff (read async). Just stick it in handlers/ and knock
yourselves out!


PS: I'm really sorry Raphael. This handler makes you network places
handler obsolete

PPS: The priorities of the handler needs to be fixed, but hey. Release
early release often!

Attachment: volume_icons.tar.bz2
Description: application/bzip-compressed-tar

import os, sys
import ConfigParser
import gnomevfs
import deskbar
from deskbar.handler import Handler
from deskbar.handler import Match
from gettext import gettext as _
import cgi
import gtk
from os.path import join

NAME = "Search for Volumes"
EXPORTED_CLASS = "VolumeHandler"

NETWORK_URIS = ["http", "ftp", "smb", "sftp"]
AUDIO_URIS = ["cdda"]

class VolumeMatch (Match):
	def __init__(self, backend, drive, icon=None):
						drive.get_display_name(), icon)
		self.__drive = drive
	def action(self, text=None):
		os.spawnlp(os.P_NOWAIT, "gnome-open", "gnome-open", self.__drive.get_activation_uri())
	def get_verb(self):
		return _("Open " +self.get_uri_desc()+ " <b>%(name)s</b>")
	def get_uri_desc (self):
		uri_scheme = gnomevfs.get_uri_scheme( self.__drive.get_activation_uri() ) 
		if uri_scheme in NETWORK_URIS:
			return _("network place")
		elif uri_scheme in AUDIO_URIS:
			return _("audio disk")
			return _("location")

class VolumeHandler (Handler):
	def __init__(self):
		deskbar.handler.Handler.__init__(self, "gnome-dev-harddisk.png")
		self.__locations = []
	def initialize(self):
		for drive in gnomevfs.VolumeMonitor().get_mounted_volumes():
			if drive.is_user_visible():
				print drive.get_display_name()
				print "  -- ",drive.get_icon()
	def get_priority(self):
		return PRIORITY
	def query(self, query, max=5):
		result = []
		query = query.lower()
		for drive in gnomevfs.VolumeMonitor().get_mounted_volumes() + gnomevfs.VolumeMonitor().get_connected_drives():
			if not drive.is_user_visible() : continue
			if not drive.is_mounted () : continue
			if not drive.get_display_name().lower().startswith(query): continue
			iconfile = join(deskbar.ART_DATA_DIR, drive.get_icon()) + ".png"
				icon = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size(iconfile, deskbar.ICON_SIZE, deskbar.ICON_SIZE)
			except Exception, e:
				print >> sys.stderr, "Error:  when loading icon", iconfile
				print >> sys.stderr, e.value
			result.append (VolumeMatch (self, drive, icon))
		return result[:max]

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