Re: [Deskbar] Ubuntu Breezy

Wow, I wake up in the morning, and all this stuff has happened!  It's
moving a lot faster than when it was just me hacking on sporadic
weekends.  :)

> I posted a 0.6 rc tarball for dholbach to include it in ubuntu breezy,
> he will mark it as 0.5 release candidate, ince i don't want to do an
> official release without your advice.

I'm actually (unfortunately) busy for the next couple of days, so if we
want to get something out for the imminent Breezy release (which sounds
like a good idea to me), then let's roll.  Raphael - if you want to do
the gold tarball and blog it to Planet GNOME, then I'll update and

(Who is itching to try out this async stuff and get his Evolution
address book going).

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