[Deskbar] [patch] async handler

Here's a patch that adds an AsyncHandler class to handler.py. It also
adds support for responding to asynchronous matches in deskbarentry.py.

If you are adventurous there's also attached async_test.py - an
AsyncHandler to stick in your handlers/ dir. async_test.py also contains
a small test suite for AsyncHandler (I might have broken it though ;-P)

Oh I forgot to mention... AsyncHandler runs query() in a sperate thread.
Much more than that infact... Highlights include:
	- automagically requiry on the fly without creating new threads.
	- always maximally one thread per instance.
	- allows for queries to be stopped in an orderly fashion.
	- allow to return partial results during the query() call
	- any old handler can be made async by just 
	 extending AsyncHandler instead of Handler!

What can I say. It's shiny! Try it out. Look at the code. Flame me for
all the obvious errors!

The patch depends on the two patches in my previous mail.


Attachment: 2005-10-11-async_handler.patch
Description: application/drivel

from handler import *
from time import sleep

NAME = "Async Test Module"
EXPORTED_CLASS = "AsyncTestHandler"

class AsyncTestMatch (Match):
	def __init__(self, handler, name, icon=None):
		Match.__init__ (self, handler, name)
	def get_handler(self):
		return self._handler
	def get_name(self, text=None):
		return {"name": self._name}
	def get_verb(self):
		return "%(name)s - %(text)s"
	def action(self, text=None):

class AsyncTestHandler (AsyncHandler): 


	def __init__ (self):
		AsyncHandler.__init__ (self, None)
	def query (self, qstring, max=5):
		for i in range (self.QUERY_TIME):
			sleep (0.5)
			print "Querying: " + (i+1)*"."
			if i == 3:
				self.emit_query_ready ([AsyncTestMatch(self, "partial results - %s"%qstring)])
			self.check_query_changed (self.clean_me, [qstring])
		return [AsyncTestMatch(self, "returned results - %s"%qstring)]
	def clean_me (self, args):
		print "Clean up for query: " + str(args)
	def stop (self):
	def get_priority(self):	
		return 300 

if __name__ == "__main__" :

	import sys
	from os.path import join, basename, normpath, abspath
	from os.path import split, expanduser, exists, isfile, dirname
	import gobject

	name = join(dirname(__file__), '..')
	print 'Changing PYTHONPATH'
	sys.path.insert(0, abspath(name))

	def res_cb (sender, matches):
		print str(type(matches))
		for match in matches:
			print "got match: %s" % match.get_name ()
	gobject.threads_init ()

	loop = gobject.MainLoop()
	ath = AsyncTestHandler ()
	print "subclass: %s < %s : %s" % (ath.__class__,AsyncHandler, issubclass(ath.__class__,AsyncHandler))
	ath.connect ("query-ready", res_cb)
	ath.query_async ("first query")
	gobject.timeout_add (2100, ath.query_async, "another query")
	gobject.timeout_add (2200, ath.query_async, "we keep querying!")
	gobject.timeout_add (2300, ath.query_async, "again and again and again...")
	#gobject.timeout_add (4100, ath.stop_query)

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