[Deskbar] Async module handling

Hi !

Mikkel: are you subscribed to the list ? If yes, i'll stop CC'ing you,
if not please do it and notify us !

> In Handler:
>         - Change a GError to an Exception to catch all exceptions.
>         - add initialize() : pass
>         - add stop () : pass
> We just "pass" instead of throwing exceptions since handlers shouldn't
> be forced to implement these. initialize() is as discussed earlier to
> do
> heavy duty work not suitable for a constructor (read: indexing).
> stop()
> is to do any kind of clean up or what ever the handler wants to do
> with
> it's remaing seconds of life :-) (again default to "pass" since most
> handlers won't need it).

I'm in favor of forgetting the stop methods, we won't use them i think,
besides they are not triggered on shutdown..

> In module_list:
>         My goal was to stay as far away from synchronization issues as
> possible. The hard part was figuring out how to emit signals from a
> thread and handle them in the main loop. I did this by adding idle
> handlers (gobject.idle_add is supposedly thread safe) with default gtk
> event priorities to the loop and let them emit the signals.

There are some things i still don't understand, like the threads_leave
enter, those seems to disable multi-threading at all ?!

> Well. I'm in a rush... Hope I got everything in the patch ...

You'll find my modified patch in this mail (if it gets through).

I changed the multiple thread spawning (you had one thread per handler's
initialization all started at the same time!). To do that i have a
worker thread that reads from a blocking queue and execute the task.

I also ported the existing handlers to use initialize where needed.

Can you test it and tell me how it works ?


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