I did a backup with deja-dup in particular and my HD formatted my computer. Unfortunately, my external hard drive were always reliable, had bad blocks and could not restore all files from the backup made ​​by Deja-Dup. I lost about 32 files of all existing and 1133 because these files can not back up. It turns out that this backup are all pictures of my son, from birth to now (4 years). I urgently need to recover the backup images, even partially.

     I tried to recover by Deja Dup-using duplicity and also directly unzip the backup files and trying to reconstruct the original, as directed at:
Gentlemen, there is some possibility of duplicity perform the restore files without checking the SHA1 or the dependence of all others?
Is there a tool that enables the reconstruction of the files correctly (the files restored using the procedure described by using the "cat" were not good)?

I'm kind of desperate because I can not believe all my stupidity not to do more than a backup.

I greatly appreciate any help.


Luiz - luizjr gmail com

Note: I apologize for using this list for this purpose, if not here, thank indication of where to send the request for help.
    Sorry for my english

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