Re: Introducing myself

On 2 December 2011 06:38, Big Angry Blue Fish <info bigangrybluefish com> wrote:
> I'd like to contribute to Deja Dup, hence signing up. I've been working in
> web development for the past 14 years and am pretty proficient at what I
> know.  That said, I specialise in Perl and have very little experience of
> Python, but would like to learn more and help out in any way you think
> suitable.

Hello and thanks!  There's plenty of stuff to do.

Regarding Python, most of Deja Dup itself is written in Vala (a
compiled language with syntax like C#).  Duplicity, the underlying
backup tool is, however, written in Python.

If you're more comfortable with Python rather than learning Vala
(really quite simple if you've ever messed with C++), then duplicity
also has lots of stuff to do.  :)  The page has
pointers for how to learn Vala.

There is a list of Deja Dup tasks that need doing but I've just not
gotten around to them here:

You can catch me on IRC to chat about any of this if that's easier.
I'm mterry on Freenode.


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