Monitoring progress of Déjà Dup backup

Hi everyone,

I am using Déjà Dup to backup my data and so far, I am very satisfied.

There is just one function that is missing: the possibility to monitor
the progress of the backup.

When you perform the first backup, you have a progress bar, which is
very good. But afterwards, when Déjà Dup performs automatic backups,
there is no way to know when it will be finished. I can only look at the
"top" command and wait for duplicity to stop.

Is there a way to know the progress of a Déjà Dup backup? Are there
plans to add some GUI to know about it?

In Apple Time machine, you have an indicator in the title bar that
spins, showing you that something is going on. When you click on it, you
have progress information displayed... Something like that in Gnome 3
would just be awesome.

Kind regards,


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