Re: [Deja-dup-hackers] Advanced include/exclude patterns

Hello, Jonas!

You're talking about bugs 374274 [1] and 458044 [2].  Basically, I'm
not against the idea, but I've been focusing on other things and am
not sure how the UI for it would look (without making the preferences
dialog a  hideous mess).

Note that your include-home-but-exclude-dot-folders can be done by
removing home from your include list and including all non-dot
folders.  Not as elegant, but it's certainly doable.  The *.bak
example cannot be done right now at all.

If you are interested in helping design the UI or writing it, I'd be
glad to help.



2010/1/2  <jonas lophus org>:
> Hi folks!
> I'd like to see advanced include/exclude patterns in deja-dup. For example,
> I'd like to include ~ but exclude any hidden folder ~/.ANYTHING but include
> ~/.mozilla. Furthermore I'd like to exclude any file and folder that name
> ends with .bak and so on.
> It seems like this is currently impossible with deja-dup -- will this be
> implemented in future? (I could try to do this, too, but I've never used
> Vala so far.)
> Regards,
> Jonas
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