Re: [Deja-dup-hackers] [Duplicity-talk] Re: hard links

Michael Terry wrote:
> 2009/4/28 Todd Ross <launchpad brainsick com>:
>> In your 9.0 Plans post, you indicate that you work on / contribute to
>> the duplicity project.  Do you have any insight into why duplicity can't
>> handle hard links?  Is it a limitation of one of the underlying tools?
>> rdiff?  rdiffdir?  tar?  Is it a portability problem?
> I believe it's a limitation of tar.  I'm also attaching the duplicity
> discussion list, they may have more specific insights.

No, not a tarfile limitation, there are hard links in the tarfile test
code.  The exception in duplicity is "Hard links not supported yet" if
you try to back up a hard link, kind of implying work to be done.

I'll have to study up on how hard links are handled before commenting
further.  As I recall, there's some really odd logic in handling files
with multiple hard links coming to them.


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