[Deja-dup-hackers] 8.0 Plans

My thinking for 8.0 is to slow down the development pace a bit and to
focus more on polish issues than new features.

I'll go through some common scenarios and make sure they're sensible.
I think the remote-server situation is pretty good right now.  But I
haven't tested the removable media use cases as much.  For example, we
probably could use better error handling if a removable media isn't in
when you want to backup.  Maybe even prompt the first time a removable
media is plugged in (ala Time Machine)?  I'll play with it.

Also, if duplicity would ever release again, it should have the
awesome new feature of resumability.  This will be a big win for us.

I also intend to do some duplicity work to let us make the new
nautilus extension rock even harder.  Things like getting a list of
all files duplicity knows about, even deleted ones.  Getting a list of
files in a particular directory in the backup.  Getting a list of
files from a particular time point.  Currently duplicity can't do any
of these.


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