[Deja-dup-hackers] What I've been up to

So last time I wrote about 11.0 plans, I was mentioning how I would
take it slowly, and do several non-code-related project management
stuff.  Here's a status update.

Code wise, I haven't been completely idle:
 * I've written code that will let you delete old backups and cause
duplicity to create more than one full backup at a time (always
keeping at least 2 full backups around for safety's sake).
 * I've redesigned how the notification icon works and made dialogs
that pop up (password, error) when running as a notification icon be
much more usable and look like part of Deja Dup.
 * There is still a bit more I want to do -- in particular, make sure
that backup continuation works well.
 * Just a heads up to folks out there, I've bumped the minimum GTK+
version to 2.14 (so Hardy won't be supported for 11.0 PPAs).

Non-code wise:
 * I've fleshed out the wiki a good deal (and moved to live.gnome.org)
-- http://live.gnome.org/DejaDup.
 * I've also created a development PPA to ease use of the same valac
version between any developers --
 * I've written a script to generate daily/weekly development snapshot
deb packages, hosted on the testing ppa --
 * Finally, I've been writing several new automated test scripts, to
help catch regressions before releasing.

Just FYI; I'm not dead!  :)

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