Re: [Deja-dup-hackers] no 8.0 nor 8.1 package for Jaunty ?

This moderated email was sent a few weeks ago, and I 'approved' it.
It never came, and I assumed it was lost to the sands of time.  I
privately replied to Thibaut, but I'll publicly do so now.

2009/4/10 thibaut bethune <thibaut bethune gmail com>:
> i'm using Deja-Dup, thank you for that geat application
> Jaunty has 7.4 version and PPA doesn't provide any update for Jaunty
> Please make 8.1 package for Jaunty in PPA

I had planned on Jaunty packages, but hadn't gotten to them yet.  Your
email spurred me to do so.  You'll find Jaunty packages in the PPA

On a related note, now that Jaunty is out, I will no longer update the
Intrepid packages.  I will continue to update the Hardy packages until
the next LTS comes out (either Karmic+1 or Karmic+2 I hear).


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