[Deja-dup-hackers] Upcoming Vala 0.5.2 dependency

I'm trying to track Vala development, so that we can use the latest
and greatest features of the language (I'm particularly interested in
starting to use the 'yield' keyword), as well as slowly ween ourselves
off any workarounds I've introduced for vala binding issues.  We
currently require 0.3.5, but 0.5.2 shortly came out.

As a result, I have a new branch: lp:~mterry/deja-dup/vala-0.5.x-port

This will be merged into trunk within a few days.  I'm still finding
some workarounds that I want to take out, but we compile against 0.5.2
mostly cleanly.  I've filed bugs for the remaining nullable warnings.

When merged, 0.5.2 will be a requirement to build from vala sources.
I believe it actually isn't a true Build-Depends for the Ubuntu
package, although it is specified.  I will test building without a
valac Build-Depends and see what issues exist, if any.

valac 0.5.2 can be had from Bruce Cowan's PPA:


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