Re: Beagle and Dapper

> Are you using the right click "Add to Panel"?  If so, that won't work
> because the Beagle search tool is a notification area tool and not a
> panel applet.  Unfortunately there is no way to specify notification
> area tools in the "Add to Panel" menu.

Yes, I was right clicking it and trying to add to the panel. Wasn't this
a Panel applet before?

> You can run the search tool by hand by running "beagle-search" or you
> can add it to run at startup (with notification icon) by adding
> "beagle-search --icon" to your startup programs in
> gnome-session-properties.

Thanks a lot. Running the search tool by hand works wonderfully. I was
trying to do it the old fashioned way -- "beagled" and then alt-f2 and
"beagle" and that didn't work. Looks like the new version is way better
than the .11 version I was using for Breezy. 


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