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One thing you could try doing instead of using MetadataStore.cs is that
you could have a separate Lucene index for all the links in which you
would store a Link/Relationship object.

Each Link object would be defined by a source and a target (these could
be the Uri's of the objects in Beagle), a Link type which defines the
relationship between the two objects and the link type policy (defines
the lifetime of the link, so for example if the source object is deleted
the link is destroyed with is as well).

Then you could easily query the index for the links, using the objects

This is just an idea, I haven't really read your description very
carefully yet, so I'm sorry if this is really off the point.


On Mon, 2006-05-29 at 17:38 +0200, Max wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> Now that i have been selected to work on beagle for the SoC i will be
> posting on this list more often so i would like to introduce myself.
> My name is Max Wiehle and i will be working to extend the beagle
> metadata capabilities. I will extend the search UI to enable refining
> and browsing search results using metadata and i will use it to
> improve the displayed search results. You can find out more on my
> application:
> I am a physics student at the University of Heidelberg. I am studying
> physics with a focus on theoretical physics and informatics.
> Right now i picked
> in order to find out how metadata could be stored. I will write more on
> that in another mail.
> I'm really looking forward to work together with you.
>   Max
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